Our Story

It has been known that the most outstanding feature of Arab society is generosity and hospitality. Saudi Arabia's is the trademark of it. We take hospitality very seriously, using every opportunity to honor our guests to the best of our abilities.

Through generations the way of expressing this was through focusing on the variety of food and huge quantities. As years have developed, and in this fast paced world and modern life, it was time to come up with a new way of practicing hospitality, honoring and entertaining guests alternatives while controlling portions, hence reducing food waste.

Therefore, to combine modernity and tradition, Tana's touch was created, where quality comes before quantity. The best memories are made gathered around the table.

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tana's Touch is a luxurious tabletop rentals and design company offering a refined collection of fine dinnerware and table designs that takes your tables from ordinary to extraordinary in terms of elegance, luxury, and intricate detailing.

Our curated collection has been sourced from around the globe. A wonderful blend of fine china, stemware, flatware, linens, accessories as well as bespoke table décor and flower arrangements that will create a truly customized and unique look for every table.